Freedom My Ass!!!

If you love Trump, don’t read this book.
Trump supporters love Trump because they love Freedom. They say Trump promotes freedom, Trump defends freedom, Trump guarantees freedom.

But the best part is that Trump supporters don’t know the first thing about Freedom.

Freedom is hard. Freedom takes courage, mental fortitude, and emotional and spiritual stability. Freedom takes rational decision making, finding ways to manage your life, and a self discipline to not get drawn into rants and conspiracy theories. What Trump supporter wants that?

The happiest people under Stalin where those who never had to think.
What Trump supporters really want is the warm blanket of totalitarianism. Trump supporters want to be angry, and have that anger legitimized, nurtured, and rewarded when they yell “lock her up” or “build the wall”. They want to embrace MAGA without having a clue what that means. They like Trump because he comes off as a strong man, even though they don’t have a clue about the potential negative impacts on their livelihood.

So lets celebrate the fact that Trump supporters don’t know the first thing about Freedom and figure out a way to bilk them out of every penny they own in the name of “freedom”. Then we can laugh at them all the way to the bank.

Remember, “Freedom can be frightening; Totalitarianism tempting”. So let’s let Trump supporters suck Trump’s hind teat of totalitarianism while we go off and promote our own freedom at their expense. #ownyourabsurdity .