Gold Star of Hate.

Here’s a fun exercise in cruelty: put a dollar at the feet of an innocent and unassuming looking kid and encourage him to pick it up. When he does, grab him and accuse him of stealing.

If lynching is out of vogue, try accusing minorities of voter fraud instead.
WOW!!! What fun. It is great to see the kid cry, and feel humiliated and stuck. And all the while you’re laughing and having a grand time.

Cruelty is an outward manifestation of hate. And nothing beats the power of hate. If hate gives you a rush but you are afraid being cruel to a kid might make you look bad in the eyes of your friends and family, then try doing what may GOP leaders are now doing: accusing people of voter fraud.

Click here to learn how Greg Abbott uses accusations of voter fraud as a weapon of hate.
When people have been accused of voter fraud, it is often after they vote. And in most cases, they had no idea they were doing anything wrong. People are always encouraged to vote. It is their “civic responsibility”. And you would think that the “system” would stop them from making the innocent mistake of casting a vote when they were not allowed to, or simply discarding their vote after the fact.

But this not how hate works. You may as well not have tempted the kid with a dollar, or not have accused him of being a thief when he picked up the dollar. The whole point of hate is to catch someone in the act of doing something completely innocent and accusing them of being a crook. This is exactly why GOP leaders get thrills from accusing people of voter fraud.

So if you want to excel in the art of hate, keep your eyes peeled for accusations of voter fraud by the GOP and watch how the situations play out. You’ll learn first hand how hate works.