Role Models Of Hate

A great way to develop and hone the skills of a hater is to select a good hater as a role model. A good place to look is Texas. The Texas government is packed with people who have effectively used the tactics of hate to stoke rage and anger, while delivering nothing of benefit to their constituents.

Here are a few good recommendations. Look at them carefully and decide which would be the best role model for you. Remember, once you embrace hate, the skies the limit.

Dan Patrick hate pimp
TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, a great hater, never stops smiling.
Texas Lt. Governor Ken Paxton is a great role model for hate, especially if you want to practice hate as a social conservative.

For Ken Paxton, “pro life” is not about defending life. He has no nuances .. everything is black and white. Most importantly, he can hate with a smile.