Franklin Graham

Hate has never been more fun!!! Let Franklin Graham show your kids how to turn “Christianity” into a tool of hate.

Jimmy Carter practices his faith. Franklin Graham will show you what a waste of time this is.
You may think you have “Christian values” and you are raising your kids to behave in ways that Jesus Christ would approve.
But you are probably so wrong!!

The only way to learn from a “True Christian” is to have one host your children’s next birthday party. And there is no better “True Christian” than Franklin Graham.

Unlike his father, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham never doubted that being a true Christian meant supporting the extreme right and vilifying everyone else. And all in the name of Christ.

Here is an example of a great game Franklin Graham can bring to your party:

Conversion Therapy Game.
The Conversion Therapy Game: Your children and their friends will learn that, with the power of prayer, any gay or gay leaning children can be made straight. And this included children of gay couples who are likely gay as well. Note: children will first need to sign waivers in case they attempt to commit suicide.