Ron Johnson Care.

Help Ron achieve his goal of affordable care.

Ron Johnson’s criticism of the Senate’s plan to replace Obamacare explains his view of a the right healthcare for America .. a healthcare that uses the free market and not government entitlements.

As Mr. Johnson points out:

“..private sector is much more effective at solving problems. Concepts like the “KISS” principle (“keep it simple, stupid”), pursuing continuous improvement and root-cause analysis are core ideas in private-sector problem-solving. From what I’ve seen in six years in office, these concepts are foreign to government.”

Nothing will improve healthcare more than patients understanding the costs for the services they need and then paying doctors and medical professionals and organizations directly. And here are a few ideas to help Ron Johnson and the rest of us accomplish this.

1. Treat all medical procedures like laser eye surgery: “Look no further than how laser eye surgery went from exotic to affordable during the years it was not covered by most insurance.” So say you are having a heart attack .. don’t rush off to the emergency room where the costs can be uncertain .. take your time and shop around for the various heart specialists who model their business after laser eye surgeons. Then you will finally be able to realize cost savings.

2. Reduce premiums by relaxing regulations: “Loosen up regulations and mandates, so that Americans can choose to purchase insurance that suits their needs and that they can afford.” That’s right .. if your psychic says you will never have heart issues, why should you pay for that coverage? Better yet, instead of thinking in terms of what coverage you think you need, think in terms of what you can afford, then buy what fits your budget. Easy.

3. Drop funding for pre-existing conditions: “And we should look to improve successful models for protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions, models underway prior to Obamacare, such as those in Maine and Wisconsin.” That’s right .. as long as you don’t have a pre-existing condition, you have nothing to worry about. And what is a pre-existing condition? We’ll get back to you.

Other ideas:

Let’s help Ron Johnson find other cost saving ideas. Cost Of Life!!! Nothing will do more to help control the costs of healthcare than determining the cost of life. Liberals don’t like to discuss it, but as conservatives committed to controlling costs, we know we must. Here is a thought: the value of your life should never exceed 4 times your annual income. So let’s say you make $35K a year. Then the “value” of your life is $140K. If you have a health emergency, don’t hesitate to ask what the cost will be. If it exceeds $140K, then you have your decisions about what to do. Of course, the richer you are, the more you can afford. But that is the way it should be.

And what if you cannot afford a procedure? Here are some options:
1.Die: Fear of death is for liberals and wimps. Good conservatives are Christian conservatives, who know death is a beginning, not an end.
2. AHCA Wait In Comfort: If you cannot afford the coverage you need, don’t let it get you down. Nothing makes long waits in the emergency room more enjoyable than your own special chair, cot, or camper.
3. Trump Supplemental Health Plan: Don’t like the idea of health insurance in the first place? Then check out a supplemental health insurance plan. Plans are simple: for $1 million you get $900,000 to spend however you want on healthcare.

So show Ron Johnson that you support REAL healthcare reforms!!!