TRUMPVIRUS – The price of an inept president: Named after who allowed it to spread, not where it originated.

The Trump administration had laid the groundwork for the spread of the coronavirus long before the virus first made its appearance in China:

    Disabled ability of NSC to respond to pandemics.
  • April 2018: John Bolton takes over the National Security Council.
  • April 2018: Tom Bossert, whose responsibilities included responding to disasters, was forced out of the Trump administration..
  • May 2018: Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer was forced out. Rear Admiral Ziemer was the senior director of global health and biodefense on the National Security Council and oversaw global health security issues, a specialty that had been bolstered under President Barack Obama..
  • With the removal of these key personnel, the mechanism to plan for and respond to pandemics, such as the coronavirus, was effectively dismantled, with no attempt to replace it until well into the spread of the coronavirus..
  • Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and other countries have effectively contained the coronavirus because they had government mechanisms in place and prepared to do so.
  • Meanwhile, Trump downplayed the significance of the virus, labelled it a liberal hoax and part of an attempt to undermine his presidency, then insisted America has it under control, then blamed the Chinese for spread of the virus.
  • The spread of the coronavirus in America is a direct result of the Trump administration being in a constant state of chaos, and undermining the government structures set up to handle these disasters.

Try your hand at identifying why the Coronavirus deserves to be called the “Trumpvirus” just by evaluating tweets.