MAGA Carts

When you lose your job and house under MAGA, don’t go cheap with your options for worldly possessions. Show your friends and neighbors that you only use the best by buying Trump approved equipment:

Only $400
$400 – Trump approved cart – a perfect solution for storing your home goods. Under Trump it will be OK to stay near your old property, like on the sidewalk or in the street (as long as you don’t block traffic).
Trump wagon
Only $700.
$700 – Trump approved wagon – if you feel you and our family will be on the move, consider a wagon. The stronger wheels will make it easy to cut across fields and dumps.
Trump approved bags.
Use only Trump approved bags.
How to store your stuff? Your valuables are important to you. So don’t put them in any plastic bag. Use a Trump approved MAGA plastic bag. For only $2 per bag ($10 for a dozen), your friends and family will see your passion and commitment to Trump.
Loyalty enforcer squad,
Loyalty enforcer squad.
American Flag
Don’t dishonor the flag.
Always remember, whatever you use to store your possessions, don’t dishonor America or the flag. Keep those colors prominently displayed. If you don’t, at least make sure you have a Citizen In Good Standing (CIGS) certificate and have purchased TTI – Trump Treason Insurance in case you are busted by loyalty enforcer squads.