A Crown For Trump.

Loyal Trump supporters know that Trump’s impeachment is simply an attempt by the radical left and liberal media to undo the 2016 election.

Making Trump a dictator might be bad PR.
Thankfully the loyal GOP knows that Trump wasn’t elected so much as anointed by God to save America.

And those who oppose Trump oppose God.

Donate enough and Trump’s crown will be nicer than Elizabeth’s.
So it makes perfect sense that when Trump is finally “exonerated” by the GOP, he will deserve to be crowned as the King Of America!!!

And what better way to crown Trump than to design a REAL CROWN!!!

That’s why #ownyourabsurdity is providing you a chance to show your support by donating to the design and creation of a crown worthy of the King of America:

  1. Donate $100 and you’ll receive a gold button.
  2. Donate $50 and you’ll receive a silver button.
  3. Donate $25 and you’ll receive a silver button.
  4. Donate less than $25 and you’ll receive an email asking why you are such a cheap bastard who can’t donate more to such an important cause.

Details on how to donate are forthcoming….

Caveat .. we have no intention of designing a stupid crown. We’re just going to pocket the money and retire.