Learn to be an idiot.

Roger Williams – Master Idiot.

Idiots have it easy. They go through life blissfully ignorant of any need to plan for the future or take individual responsibility for themselves. Then, when something bad happens, they act surprised and seek other people to blame.

Looks like a regular bathroom mirror!!!
Roger Williams sees an idiot every morning.
One of the greatest idiots is Roger Williams, US Representative from the TX 25th Congressional District. Like many idiots, Roger Williams has always had it easy. His daddy gave him a car dealership and lots of money. He gave a bunch of that money to the GOP so that he could get elected as a US representative. And now he sits in comfort in DC looking for ways to help his rich friends in business at the expense of those annoying constituents.

As a member of the Financial Services Committee, including the subcommittees on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Williams has sought ways to eat away at consumer protections to help financial businesses prosper and grow with little regard the adverse impact on consumers. In doing so, he supported the culture of poor oversight that led to the Equifax data breach.

And like any good idiot, Williams is now seeking someone else to blame:

The recent data breach at Equifax affected 143 million people in the United States. In light of this situation, my first and foremost concern is the American consumer, and how they are prepared to recover from such an unfortunate and damaging incident. My colleagues and I on the House Committee on Financial Services are prioritizing this issue, with plans to hold a hearing to determine the facts in the near future. Someone must be held accountable for such an outrageous violation of personal privacy, and I look forward to the investigations that will determine who is behind such a heinous act.
Roger Williams newsletter, September 15, 2017.

Isn’t that great??? Roger Williams could have been spending his time and effort assessing the playing field, determining what likely risks and issues there are in the future and now to avoid them. Instead he just sat comfy and cozy, blissfully ignoring the warnings about cyber security at Equifax, and then acting surprised when there was a breach.

So call Roger Williams’ office now and tell him how much you appreciate learning the technique of being an idiot. Bliss is blissful.