“10 Times Harder” Boxing Glove

"10 Times Harder" Trump
“10 Times Harder” Trump
Trump Warns GOPers: ‘Anybody Who Hits Me, We’re Gonna Hit 10 Times Harder’

Show your friends, family, neighbors and everyone else that you support Trump by purchasing your own “10 Times Harder” boxing glove.

Punching glove.
Order yours now for only $1795.23!!!

Sure, you could go down to the sports store or Goodwill and purchase a regular boxing glove. But it would not the same as this glove. This glove was designed by Trump himself based on the size of his own hand. Special proprietary material was used for both the inside and outside. The gloves were hand painted by illegal immigrants rounded up and pushed into forced labor.

Ted Cruz wishes he were tough.
Cruz now wishes he could have been as tough as Trump is.

When Trump becomes president, this glove will instill fear and obedience. Roving “stop and frisk” squads will have this glove painted on their cars. Riots will be suppressed by a Trump look alike simply raising the glove. During international negotiations, “the glove” will be prominently displayed at the table. No professional athlete will dare kneel during the national anthem for fear that their family will have to “deal with the glove”.

Don’t wait until Trump is president and the prices of these gloves skyrocket. For only $1795.23 you can have yours now. You’ll be glad you didn’t wait.