Mule Piss

“I’m stronger than mule piss.”
Who likes to smell like “mule piss”? Total and complete assholes do.

And here are some examples of people who smell like Mule Piss:

Total asshole!!
Donald J. Trump!!! Well, of course, who else would be stupid enough to dismantle a critical early warning system for viruses, then sit back while a horrific virus takes root and spreads, then blames everyone else for the disaster.

Trump and his staff.
Trump’s staff – Yeah, you already knew they reek of mule piss.

You too are probably surrounded by people who reek of “mule piss”; protestors of “stay at home” orders; people who complain about wearing masks when going to the grocery store; people who still support Trump; local politicians who helped get Trump elected; and so many more.