Ask Jared Kushner!!!

Friend, advisor, and well connected – in these turbulent times there is no better person to rely on than Jared Kushner.

Were you “had” by Trump and Trumpism? Turn to Jared.
Are you a Trump supporter who has lost your job, your livelihood, even your health? Were you convinced that “Crooked Hillary” was the cause of all your miseries, that the “deep state” was ruining America, and that “immigrants posed the greatest threat to your freedom? And now you come to find that none of this was true? The real hoax was letting your emotions be taken over by Trumpism. And now you realize that the real enemy was Trump all along.

Who do you turn to? Jared Kushner, of course.

#ownyourabsurdity is establishing a “special relationship” with Jared so he can respond with a personal answer to your question.

Prices will be reasonable. Stay tuned for details.