Exclusive White Person

Are you sick of non-whites being treated as whites through the Designated White Person certificate program?   Prove you are whiter than white and a true American through the EWP – Exclusive White Person certificate.


As an “Exclusive White Person” no one in the local, state, or federal government will ever question your whiteness.   Even if you are unemployed, drive an old car, and have no friends and a family that hates you, your whiteness and the entitlements thereof will never be questioned.

Over time the Trump administration will grant you even more special opportunities not available to non-whites or regular whites.   These will include:

  • Special EWP lines the airport;
  • EWP exemptions from traffic violations;
  • Priority seating at special Trump White Only restaurants and bars;
  • Exclusive access to Trump credit cards and credit lines;
  • A picture of The Donald with his signature.

For only $100,000 a year you can secure your position in society as an Exclusive White Person.   So don’t delay.   Oh, and you must be white.   Designated white people (DWP) may not apply.