I.A.N.A.I. Certificate!!!

Loyal Trump supporter.
As a loyal Trump supporter, you have attended the rallies, followed Trump on Fox, screamed along as Sean Hannity yelled about the “radical left”, given the finger to members of the Fake News media as they make Trump look bad, and overall toed the MAGA line.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
You have devoted so much personal and emotional capital in support of Trump.

But where has it lead you?

The economy is shot. America is overwhelmed by a virus much of the rest of the world is learning how to contain. The national deficit is huge and getting worse. More and more people are having to live on the street.

And why? Because Trump is a pathological liar who is incapable of being president.

And you have nothing to show for your support of Trump. Instead you are relegated to posting stupid memes that badmouth Obama, or liberals, or a bunch of other things that just MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!

Let’s face it, Trump supporters are idiots. And as a Trump supporter, you are an idiot!!!

So what to do? Easy. Purchase an “IANAI” certificate. At $50 the certificate is well worth the money. You may still be an idiot. but you’ll have a card that says you aren’t.

You might still be an idiot. But this card says you aren’t. Details forthcoming.