Letter of Recommendation?

Trump will have your back!!!
Are you looking for a really good job but your qualifications, experience, and character are questionable? That job might be out of reach … unless … you are Trump supporter!!!

Let Trump help you out by providing an UNVETTED LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION!!!

That’s right, for a small fee of $2000, Own Your Absurdity Press will produce the perfect letter of recommendation*. Our letters are based on Trump’s recommendation of Ronnie Jackson** to be the next Secretary of the Veterans Administration. Each letter will included:

  • High praise for your character without the need for any vetting.
  • Will include words like “(your name) is A REALLY GREAT MAN (or A REALLY GREAT WOMAN).”
  • Superlative descriptions of your capabilities based on the fact that, as a Trump supporter, Trump likes you back.
He did it for Ronnie. Now let Trump do it for you.
And if the letter doesn’t get you the job you want, we will be ready with follow up letters, emails and tweets that will humiliate your interviewers and teach them that not hiring you is like not supporting Trump and America:

  • They are part of a liberal fake news campaign to undermine freedom and America.
  • They are Democratic obstructionists trying to undermine Trump’s agend.
  • They are probably illegal aliens.

So don’t wait .. if the dream job you want is out of reach, for a mere $2000 we’ll demonstrate Trump has your back. More details soon.

* Not produced by Trump or anyone in his administration.

** Of course we recognize that Admiral Ronnie Jackson is a fine doctor who has served honorably in the military and in the White House. But we also think it is neat that because Trump “likes you” is sufficient basis for an otherwise unvetted recommendation for a position you may not be qualified for.