Trump loyalty enforcement squad.

MAGA Contract Tracing.

Covid-19 is a hoax.
Forget contact tracing for Covid-19 .. it is just a bogus effort driven by a hoax. It is just a way for liberals and the radical left get everyone up in arms.

But there IS a need for contact tracing: contact tracing for MAGA defectors.

See how easy MAGA defections spread?
That’s right. Unlike Covid-19, MAGA defection is a REAL pandemic and risk to the health and well being of America and all Americans.

What is the source of MAGA defections? Loyal Trump supporters who have been deceived by radical left lies about Trump and MAGA.

And the infection is very dangerous. One defector can infect a dozen current Trump supporters. And they in turn can infect a dozen each. And then the infection spreads like wildfire, not just threatening Trump, but other Republicans, Fox News and its pundits, and even Rush Limbaugh.

Only through contact tracing can those who have been in contact with the defector be tracked down and brought back into the fold.

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