Nutrition reprocessing!!

We are not sheep!!!
America is in crisis!!!
The only way to preserve our rights and freedoms is to eliminate arcane “social distancing” and “mask wearing” restrictions. These “rules” were created by self serving tyrants who treat us like sheep. We are not sheep.

Unfortunately eliminating these restrictions will have the tragic but unavoidable side effects of increased rates of infections and death.

Clogged morgues .. the real casualty.
But lets face it, the real issue is not the illnesses and deaths per se. The real issue is the the impact of these illnesses and deaths have on household income, clogged emergency rooms, and clogged morgues.

What’s the solution?

Turn their deaths into YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!

That’s right!!! And it is about time someone had the balls to say it!!!

#ownyourabsurdity is developing several opportunities to help honest, wave flagging Americans make it big off of the Covid-19. These include:

  • Nutrition reprocessing plants: your beloved COVID-19 deceased go in one end, and specially packaged “snack bars”, “specialty quick meals”, and “COVID Jerky” come out the other.
  • You can help reduce the impact on emergency rooms.
  • Inventory assessments: We’ll review “potential products” you meet at bars, clubs, restaurants and assess their quality as “reprocessed nutritional products”. We’ll help you with packaging and marketing. Remember, the better the product, the more money you’ll make.
  • Reduce impact on medical resources: imagine how great you’ll feel when you can boast about reducing the demand for ventilators, hospital beds, and nurses and doctors by bypassing the emergeny room and going directly to your local Nutrition reprocessing plant.

Stay tuned for more!!!