Prayers TO Trump

Prayers to God for Trump are not good enough. Only prayers to Trump will count!!! And Trump has provided prayer access only to #ownyourabsurdity. So put your money where your prayers are!!!

Trump .. fighting for you all alone.
Trump is the greatest president ever. He is the hardest working president ever. He has done more for the environment, the economy, African Americans, Hispanics, women, men, children, healthcare, American greatness, and so many other things than any other president EVER!!!

How do we know? Because Trump says so.

And the numbers support him:

Trump supporters
Trump supporters can finally feel good about themselves.

  • Economic growth is best ever!!! (almost as good as Obama’s)
  • Unemployment is lowest in 50 years!!! (so people can work multiple low paying jobs)
  • Wealth in America is “bigger” than ever (just ask the 1%)
  • And America’s $1t deficit is of no concern (unless you care about deficits)

And there’s more .. under Trump Americans have learned how to be proud about their country, what it stands for, and all the great things it can do for its people.

Yet the liberal media, radical left socialists, and communist scum continue to criticize him.

Worse, these libtard scumbags have severed the lines of communication used to pass your prayers for Trump to God.

What to do? Well, how about praying directly TO Trump rather than praying to God FOR Trump??

That’s right .. #ownyourabsurdity is offering a unique service that ensures your prayers go directly to Trump!!:

  1. $100 – We’ll send a letter to a special address Trump has provided us specifically for your prayers!!
  2. $50 – We’ll send an email to a special address Trump has provided us specifically for your prayers!!
  3. $25 – We’ll say a quiet prayer with special words provided by Trump that ensures he will personally receive them.
  4. Under $25 – you’ll receive an email from us asking why you are such a cheap bastard that you can’t afford more than $25 to pray for the man who has done so much for you and MAGA.
Remember .. only our service has a direct prayer line to Trump!!!
Services are also available for other key people who have made America great, including Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, several senators and congressmen, VP Pence, and so many others.

More details soon.

* Caveat .. we have no intention of praying to or for anyone. We’re just going to follow Trump’s example and pocket the money.