Rent My Rage!!!

Rent My Rage!!!
A new service from #ownyourabsurdity.

Some people already understand how hard you work.
You don’t work for free. You have bills to pay and a family to support. You have developed valuable skills that are beneficial to others. And you expect and deserve to be paid when you put those skills to use. That is what living in a free, capitalist society is all about.

It is your amigdala., no one else’s.
And one of your skills is rage. You have honed it from years of listening to Fox News and right wing media. You have nurtured and refined it to the point where you feel comfortable putting on display at rallies. You are a pro at repeating aphorisms about the “threat of socialism”, the “evils of abortion”, and how, given the smallest chance, the “government will confiscate your guns”.

But what about compensation for your rage? Your rage is valuable, yet it is people like Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Alex Jones who are making a killing off of your rage, while you don’t make a cent.

Its your rage. It should be your money!!!
Isn’t it about time that your rage be recognized for the valuable commodity that it is?

#ownyourabsurdity is here to help. We are developing an “RMR” – Rent My Rage – application and a service that will pay you for your rage!!!

You’ll even be able to use your smartphone.
The plan will be simple: for a small “setup” fee of $40 and then a monthly fee of $20, Own Your Absurdity Press will provide you a way to record each event where you express your rage, and then invoice the corresponding organization that benefits from your rage. And once the invoice is paid, you get a check (minus a 20% processing fee).

Just think, every time you feel yourself get pissed off because the government wants to take over your healthcare, just open RMR app, record or scan the email, post, or program that triggered your rage, and hit submit. At the end of each month we will invoice all the organizations that benefited from your rage.

Check your balance at anytime!!!
Hannity will learn to share the wealth.
So next time Laura Ingraham causes you to rant about the threats against your religious liberty, or Alex Jones explanation the government conspiracy to take your guns makes your blood pressure rise, or Jerry Falwell Jr. says your God and your freedom are in jeopardy, make sure you get compensated for your rage.