Support Roy Moore!!!

Roy Moore really got the short end of the stick. He SHOULD HAVE won the special election in Alabama last month. But due to conspiracies by the liberal media and radical socialists, God fearing Christians were misled into believing LIES and DECEPTIONS about Roy Moore’s past and, as a result, stayed away from the polls.

Support Roy Moore!!! Donate now!!!
As conservative Christians, we know that God supports Roy Moore and that Roy Moore SHOULD BE one of Alabama’s senators. With God on our side, we can FORCE a new election in Alabama and make sure the Roy Moore wins!!!

Our strategy is simple: pray. That’s right. God is listening and if we gather together and pray to have the election nullified, we can then vote to have Roy Moore elected.

We will be setting up a payer line to God so supporters of Roy Moore can speak to God directly. But we need your support. We are looking to raise $100,000 for our prayer line.

Let Trump know you support Roy Moore!!!
You may think that $100,000 is a lot of money. But it is well worth it if it gets Roy Moore in office to fight the liberal, socialist, atheist agenda that is taking over Washington.

Roy Moore will not have a chance to become our senator without our prayer line. He MAY have a chance with a prayer line. So let’s pursue the only chance we have for the sake of Roy Moore and preserving a Christian America.

Open your wallets and be ready for details on how to donate.