Know Your Enemies!!!

As one of the greatest leaders America has ever known, Trump has demonstrated the value of loyalty above all other values.

Bruce Ohr – Traitor
Too bad Bruce G. Ohr found this out the hard way. As an expert on Russia and the Russia Mafia, you’d think he would have known that Trump is a close buddy of Putin. As such, he would have known that loyalty to the leader trumps loyalty to the law and constitution.

But no. As a supervising F.B.I. agent and a senior career Justice Department official, Mr. Ohr was under the ridiculous delusion that somehow loyalty to the law was more important to loyalty to Trump.

Loyalty trumps all.
The only bible you should trust.
Now Mr. Ohr went from being a competent and committed professional to an enemy of Trump. And why not? All he did was attempt to “protect America” from the Russian mafia and the “harmful” influence of Putin and his money on American politics. But he stepped over the line when he was caught pursuing a legitimate investigation that could be misconstrued as an attempt to undermine the Trump campaign. Jeeze .. what a jerk.

We’ll confirm whether she’s an enemy.
As a loyal Trump supporter, you too need to know who your “enemies” are. What is clear from this incident is that your enemies are not always obvious. The people you rely on and trust could turn out to be your enemies at a moments notice.

Luckily #ownyourabsurdity has your back. For a nominal fee we will do a careful investigation of your life, friends, family, co-workers, fellow church members, neighbors, and other and produce a detailed list of your “enemies”.

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