QAnon Insurance.

As we all know, ‘Q’ is a mysterious figure with a super top security clearance who works deep in the bowels of government. Unbeknownst to his government overseers, Q regularly posts on the dark web hints of horrible goings on of our leaders .. just enough hints for “patriots” to piece together the picture and take action, but not enough to reveal his identify.

Q: The less credible, the more you should believe.
You’ve seen references to stories released by ‘Q’ in the alt-right media. And ‘Q’ signs are showing up at Trump rallies. And there are even loosely organized groups of QAnon patriots with one common goal: to counter the conspiracies of underhanded government activities reported by ‘Q’.

But what if the only thing QAnon exposes is that some Americas are just jerks who would rather be gullible than responsible? Not to worry. An insurance program from #ownyourabsurity will save your name and reputation.

It was Q that alerted America about the DNC traffic ring being run out of a pizza parlor.
The great thing about being a member of QAnon and acting on conspiracy theories is that you can’t disprove a negative. If you believe the DNC is running a human trafficking ring, or that Ted Cruz’s father was connected to the man who killed JFK, or that Kim Jon-un was installed by the CIA, there is nothing out there that can absolutely prove you are wrong.

A Q supporter who “communicates with aliens”. What a jerk.
But what if you’d like to impress people with your theories and they start laughing at you and calling you things like “stupid moron”. Suddenly you’d feel naked and exposed.

Not to worry. Just pull out your QAnon Insurance Card from #ownyourabsurdity. This card will prove to others that your passions about conspiracy theories were just misplaced good intentions, and you are not a jerk, moron, idiot, creep, weirdo, or in some other way a total nut job.

With this card, people will know you are not a jerk. You’ll also get a wallet size version.

Prices are cheap .. for only $100 a month you can keep your card active and your name in good standing. Details soon.