Socialism Insurance

Check to ensure you are not a socialist.
Socialists are literally popping up everywhere: liberals, “The Gang”, the fake news media, environmental scientists, people who don’t use straws, people who coined “Moscow Mitch”, and without a doubt all the Democrats running for any office!!!

Definitely a socialist.
Even YOU could be a SOCIALIST!!!. You might be caught complaining about going bankrupt paying your medical bills, or how your water is undrinkable, or how the guy who helped you fix your car is being deported, and suddenly you are accused of being a socialist!!!

Let’s face it, “socialism” is no longer an economic concept about wealth distribution. “Socialism” is a label you apply to people who don’t fully embrace Trump. You could be a red dog capitalist but be a “socialist” if you think Trump is moronic and inept. conversely you could be a tree hugging liberal and not be a “socialist” if you thing Trump is OK as POTUS.

Within a week you’ll be living on the street.
And what happens when you are accused of being a socialist? You immediately start working to make America another Venezuela. Or you loose your house, your job, your family, and all your teeth, and are find yourself rummaging through trash for food.

What do you do then? If someone accuses you of being a socialist, you can scream that you’re not, but, let’s face it, you can’t disprove a negative. So if you are accused of being a socialist, you’ve had it.

Or have you? If you act now you can protect yourself in the event that someone accuses you of being a SOCIALIST!!!

For only $100 down and $50 a month, #ownyourabsurdity will vouch that you are NOT a socialist. So keep your eyes peeled.