The REAL AOC Threat!!!

We’re here to help protect you.
  • She’s a socialist!!!
  • She doesn’t understand capitalism!!!
  • She supports illegal immigrants!!!
  • She is a radical environmentalist!!!
  • She doesn’t share AMERICAN values!!!

Let’s cut to the chase – the REAL THREAT posed by AOC is that SHE IS A SMART, CAPABLE, ETHICAL WOMAN WITH POWER!!!!

Nothing scares conservative men and women more than threats to their “masculinity”. Sure, they may downplay these threats through badmouthing or insults. But AOC is immune to these. And YOUR “MASCULINITY” is at risk.

She doesn’t appreciate Trump!!!
Remember – you made Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and other conservative pundits the proxies for your masculinity. They have “the balls” to express what they have convinced you to be true: that America is being undermined by the elite, liberal establishment; that immigrants are flooding across the border to take over your neighborhood and schools; that “socialism” is the opposite of “capitalism” and is therefore a threat; and the list goes on.

Alex Jones
Beware: AOC could destroy Alex Jones without even trying.
In your “britches” you know that Fox News is looking out for you, doing your thinking for you, telling you the right thing to believe, and all it asks for in exchange is for you to be a loyal viewer and follower.

Not just men are afraid.
And then comes AOC, a belligerent hipster who used to wait tables and dance with friends on youtube videos. And now she is dancing in the halls of Congress.

You can and should ignore the fact that she is smart, accomplished, and gutsy and intelligent. Instead, just remember, she is a young girl who doesn’t know her place in a masculine world and yet is now in a position of real political power. And for that reason she makes the proverbial gonads of conservative pundits quiver every time she opens her mouth. And yours should quiver too!!!

Protect yourself now from the AOC threat. We at #ownhyourabsurdity are very concerned about your future and want you to know that if the conservative pundits are effectively castrated by AOC, we will be there with the tools you need to continue the fight:

  1. Learn to be a REAL CONSERVATIVE!!!
  2. Learn the ART OF HATE!!!
  3. Learn the ART OF THE LIE!!!
  4. Purchase a FREEDOM LOCKBOX!!!

And so much more. So if you feel feel “vulnerable”, remember: #ownyourabsurdity has your back!!!