Культ личностн!!!

Культ личностн!!! Kult lichnosti. Cult of personality. Let it help you!!!

Honor thy Trump
Loyalty above all else.
The great thing about Donald Trump is that in the eyes of his supporters he can do no wrong. His approval among Republicans is in the solid 80% range despite boasting about grabbing pussies, ranting about “fake news”, badmouthing the justice department, having an affair with a porn star behind his wife’s back, then lying about it, then having the porn star paid off, then lying about knowing it, and that’s just warming up.

How is this possible? Easy .. Cult of Personality.

If you would like the kind of appeal and adoration that Trump receives, then you need A cult of personality. Just think of a cult of personality can do for you:

  • Cheat on your wife.
  • Lie about cheating on your wife.
  • Pay off the person you cheated with to keep her silent.
  • Insist that you don’t know anything about paying off the person you cheated with.
  • Then admit you knew that the person you cheated with had been paid off.
  • Say that nothing you did was illegal so there was nothing wrong with it.
Your cult of personality will come with its own “moral compass”.
And at the end of the day, your fans love you even more!! Because of your cult of personality, your wife would never question your infidelity or honesty. Your kids will look up to you like never before, And those around you would idolize you and hold you up as a shining example of a person with strong moral character that can drain the morally corrupt swamp liberals have created.

So stay tuned on how you can buy your own cult of personality and start living the dream!!!.