Vaginas With Teeth!!!

Abusive men are responsible for abortions because they assault and impregnate women.

“Pro Life” Republicans love having a girl or two on the side they can knock up.
For the longest time these men had to keep their abuse secret. But the recent anti abortion laws give these men what they have long desired .. a way to legitimize their sexual dominance over women.

You may not be able to change these laws and, even worse, the sexual assaults they will inspire. But you can do your part to eliminate the need for an abortion .. by hacking off the penises of abusive men.

And there is no more satisfying way to do this than through tools that act like Vaginas with Teeth.

Of course Vaginas with Teeth are impractical. But #ownyourabsurdity is developing a number of viable alternatives.

The little vial of acid will shatter right when he climaxes.
The first is a female condom with a little bubble of Hydrochloric Acid safely tucked away at the deepest part.

Boy won’t Representative Tony Tinderholt be surprised.
Imagine his surprise when the likes of Texas State representative Tony Tinderhold gets horny and forces an intern into a secluded area to knock her up.

And just when representative Tinderhold feels he is about to “go over the edge”, his member bursts the bubble of HCl and .. OUCH!!! As the little bit of acid streams down his shaft, you’ll enjoy watching him run out of broom closet, cussing your name as he scrambles to find the nearest bathroom.

The concept is surprisingly simple.
Our female condoms will be designed specifically to protect the woman’s vitals.

Best of all, once dirty, corrupt, “Pro Life” politicians know that your vagina may be “weaponized”, they may start having second thoughts about assaulting you and other women. let alone whether it is worth being in politics in the first place.

So stay tuned for more information about this and several other products coming down the pike.