Fight the conspiracy!!!

Real MAGA supporters emulate Trump!!!
Forget stupid healthcare, the stupid investigation of Trump, the stupid “Russian interference”, the stupid “lies” and “deceptions” by the white house. When it comes down to it, we MAGA supporters have 4 top issues: taxes, immigration, Nancy Pelosi, and guns!!!

And this makes perfect sense .. America’s greatest threat is a sinister plan by Nancy Pelosi to raise your taxes to hire illegal immigrants to steal your guns!!!

Help #ownyourabsurdity raise $4 million to show the conspiracy is real!!!
Need inspiration to donate? just think of her.
The conspiracy is REAL!!! But the radical left media and its liberal supporters refuse to acknowledge it unless they have “evidence”. Help #ownyourabsurdity gather that evidence with your generous donation of whatever you can afford.

Actually, don’t skimp on the dog food.
If you really care about the future of America, you know that donations to #ownyourabsurity are more important than your medications, mortgage payments, nice meals out, nice meals in, that new car you were thinking about, and food for Rover (wait .. don’t skimp on the food for the dog).

Mike Pence
We’ll also find those 3 million voters that Pence couldn’t.
And as an added bonus, our investigation will finally reveal those 3 million illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary in the last presidential election. You know they are real. Together we will be doing Pence of big favor by showing who they are and restoring his credibility.

So keep your eyes peeled for instructions on how to donate. We’ll be accepting credit cards, checks, cold hard cash, deeds to your houses, bitcoin, and a variety of other methods of payment.