If only Clinton had won.

Or, if we only hadn’t elected a known narcissistic sociopath.

The great puzzle: how do you know you have an effective government without a disaster proving that you don’t?

To the tune of “If only I had a brain.”

We could pass the time a listenin’ To Fox news a bitchin’ How Hillary is a socialist.
Because the virus would have been licked, and there never had been a risk,
If only Hillary had won.

When the virus first appeared, Hlllary would have spoken to her peers. And said “hey .. something we need to fix.”
She would have built the right team of pandemic response appointees
If only Hillary had won.

And when Trump made a boast That the virus was just a hoax, Clinton would have been to the UN
She would have organized a response, Ensured all nations were on board
If only Hillary had won.

The virus would have been contained, And conservative pundits complained, That Hillary was destroying America
Because she had worked with other nations, To fix “a threat she created”
If only Hillary had won.

Maybe it’s better that Trump had won, And we can now see the fun, When a sick narcissist is POTUS
But the consequences are dreadful, And the damages will last forever,
God I wish Hillary had won.

But let’s cut to the chase, Trump is a major disgrace Who bullies, lies and cheats.
And he won because we were deceived, By a propaganda machine
If only Hillary had won.

So my friend here’s a puzzle, how do we know we’re in trouble, when everything is blurred
We don’t care that Limbaugh gets rich, spewing out is awful shit
As long as America works.

But when things fall apart and we need a real adult, then we realize too late
That the sociopath populist we elected to be our 45th,
Doesn’t cut the cake.

And you’ll never hear Fox News claim that it is hurting America’s fame as long as it is getting rich.
So lets realize that it is up to us, and not Hannity, Ingraham, or “Tuck”,
To Make America Great.