Mule Piss.

Are you “stronger than mule piss”?

“Stronger than mule piss.”
“Trump asked McConnell at one point if Senate Republicans were committed to seeing Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation through to the end, the report notes, citing interviews with senators and White House officials. McConnell replied: “I’m stronger than mule piss” on Kavanaugh, who consistently denied accusations that he assaulted three women the 1980s” – Daily Caller.

Definitely stronger than mule piss.
What does it mean to be “stronger than mule piss”? Being stronger than mule piss means that you are strong enough to sacrifice everything for the sake of winning, even if in the process you destroy the very thing you were fighting to defend.

It is like trampling on the flag for the sake of “standing up for the flag”, or wiping your ass with the constitution so you can say you are embracing it, or ramming through a Supreme Court nomination as a way to divide the nation.

So remember, for Trump, McConnell, and oh so many others committed to “Making America Great Again”, it is not America they really care about. It is showing they are tougher and stronger than mule piss.