Nuke Hurricanes!

Hurricanes are devastating, scary, and horrific. They have killed thousands and have the potential to kill many more. And they cause widespread property and infrastructure damage.

How do we know it won’t work until we try it?
America is the most powerful nation on earth. We have the best technologies, the most powerful weapons, and the smartest people. Yet we let these hurricanes run wild, trampling our lives, properties, and, most importantly, our freedoms.

It is time to stop listening to “liberal” hurricane defenders and put real patriots in charge. Only real patriots have the balls to do what everyone else knows should be done about hurricanes: NUKE ‘EM!!!

Sure, “innocents” may be killed. But if you consider the hurricane the “enemy” and the attack of the hurricane a “battle”, then “collateral damage” is to be expected.

So what is wrong with nuking hurricanes? Liberals, eggheads, and deep state “scientists” will come up with lots of objections .. most of them stupid, like:

  • no warhead is powerful enough to destroy a hurricane;
  • an attack would spread radioactive material across a wide area, killing millions;
  • a nuclear detonation would boil the ocean;
  • and yada, yada, yada.

But how do they know for sure? The simple truth is this: we won’t know until we try it!!!

Have faith. What’s the worst that can happen?
So what do we have to lose?

And lets face it, those who oppose nuking hurricanes are really just radical left liberals whose real agenda is to trample on your freedoms.

Science and progress depend on new ideas. And nuking hurricanes is a new idea. So when people say it is a bad idea, all they are really doing is attacking your right to pursue new ideas.

And worse, if they say it to you, they might also say it to Donald Trump. Donald Trump needs your new ideas, not their criticism. Trump is a very stable genius whose goal is to “Make America Great Again”. Yet he is surrounded by “experts” who clearly do not even believe in America. Only real patriots like you will help him succeed.

So remember to follow our advice: when anyone argues against nuking hurricanes, or eliminating EPA regulations, or injecting bleach, or opening up the economy too soon, they are not just telling what not to do, they are undermining your freedom.