Trump First!!!

At Own Your Absurdity Press, our mission is simple: get rich off of the absurdity of Trump and his supporters.

Slowly but surely we are peeling away the layers of absurdity of Trump and his followers to get to the fundamental core .. that thing which makes Trump tick and his followers idolize him .. and then milk it for all its worth.

The recent release by North Korea of 3 prisoners peels away another layer towards unraveling the fundamental absurdity of Trump:

  1. Art Of The LieTrump boasted that he released 3 prisoners that Obama could not .. even though two of them were taken during the Trump administration (Opportunity market “The Art Of The Lie”, specifically “Lying is Fun!!!“).
  2. Trump thanked North Korea for undoing something it should not have done in the first place, like you getting a “good citizenship award” for returning $100 you stole. (Opportunity: pawn CIGS (Citizen in Good Standing) certificates.
  3. He signs a bipartisan COVID Relief Package only after juvenile antics that brought millions to the brink of food insecurity and housing insecurity for the sake of his own glorification.

Look forward to new ways to transform Trump’s actions and behaviors into quick ways to make money!!!