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Betsy DeVos is planning to eliminate the so-called “gainful employment rule“. Don’t miss this chance to make your fortune!!!

With him out of the White House, you have a chance to get rich!!!
The “gainful employment rule” was an attempt by “the socialist” Obama to hold for profit schools accountable for so called “predatory behavior”. Schools were accused of enticing people to sign up for expensive education programs as a way to land a good job, but leaving the students with huge debts and worthless degrees.

Honor thy Trump
Remember .. the only smart people are rich people.
As usual, “the socialist” Obama got it all wrong. The goal of for profit schools was never to provide an education. Their purpose was to do exactly what the gainful employment rule was supposed to prevent: provide a way for people like you to bilk unsuspecting students for your own gain.

Real Americans like Betsy DeVos understand this, and are ready to help you make it big by starting your own For Profit School. DeVos wants to replace the Obama era program in which the government protects students from being exploited with a program that provides more information to students and lets them make “better” decision.

If BOA can pawn a worthless IRA, you can pawn a worthless education program.
Are you kidding me??? If Americans can be convinced to put their hard earned money in IRAs that only benefit the banks while screwing over the bank customers, they can easily be convinced to enroll into your school even though the information you provide says you are just screwing them..

And #ownyourabsurdity is here to help. The mission of our For Profit school is to teach you how to start your own For Profit school for one reason, and one reason only: get rich off the backs of all the poor suckers out there who never seem to get ahead.

And when the students can’t pay their loans back? Well then those poor suckers will be in for it .. they either pay or their credit and lives are ruined. And if they still can’t pay, well then hard working tax payers will. In any event, little will stop you from getting rich!!

And as you laugh your way to the bank, you’ll enjoy the irony that even though you accused Obama of being “a socialist”, bilking others for your own gain makes you the socialist. Ha Ha!!!

Stay focused on the real goal.
Our program will cover all the essentials:

  • How to convince students to enroll even though all the evidence says they shouldn’t.
  • How to develop meaningful sounding classes that are meaningless.
  • How to convince students they are much better off enrolling in your program than in a community college.
  • How to quickly enroll students in student loan programs.
  • And so many more…

Keep your eyes peeled for more details!!! #ownyourabsurdity