Stephen Miller

Learn To Dance Right.

Learn Couples Dancing With Instructions From Stephen Miller.

Have you ever gone to a honky tonk or social dance event only to be terrified about stepping onto the dance floor? The problem isn’t you. It is the dancing.

Alex Jones
For Alex Jones, dancers are part of a deep state conspiracy.
For too long couples dancing has been under the grip of “liberals” and “elitists”. They function without rules, only general guidelines. The believe in left wing ideas such as “sharing the space”, “suggesting a lead”, “interpreting a response”, “moving as one”.

Freedom depends on clear rules and regulations, and an obedience to a strong man. That is how our society operates. When we lose site of that, chaos quickly follows. And what better example of a breeding ground for chaos than the dance floor. You are not terrified to step out onto the dance floor. You are enraged by civil disobedience.

So let Stephen Miller teach you the RIGHT way to dance.

With classes from Stephen Miller, you will start with the basics:

Stephen Miller
Showing who’s in charge is a key to successful dancing. This is where Stephen Miller excels.
1. Leads and follows: Liberals want you to believe there is a lot of interplay between leads and follows. Stephen Miller will show you this is not true. There is no interplay. There is a definite leader and a definite follow. And the lead commands, the follow obeys. Period.

2. How to lead and how to follow. Liberals like to promote the idea of dancing as a shared experience, where a couple learns to move “as one” on the dance floor through a series of subtle, physical suggestions and compromises. Stephen Miller will show you that this is just liberal nonsense. The only sharing is the shared admiration that there is a man in charge. Period.

Think you are a conservative? Unless you let Stephen Miller teach you how to dance, you’re not.
3. How to correct your partner. In dancing, liberals like the idea of subtle suggestions and interpretation. There is no right way or wrong way, and if a follow doesn’t do what the lead wants, the lead simply adapts to what the follow is doing. Stephen Miller will show you how this is completely un-American. If the follow is not doing what you want, she is wrong and needs to be corrected. If she still is doing it wrong, she needs to be disciplined. There is no room for anarchist thinking on the dance floor just as there is no tolerance for it in America. Stephen Miller will show you how to deal with these situations.

So keep you eyes open for a Stephen Miller School Of Dance opening in your community.