Don’t abandon Trump!!

Real Americans LOVE Trump!!!
Don’t be fooled by the liberal fake news agenda. Ignore the Covid-19 hoax. Don’t buy into Pelosi’s un-American propaganda.

America faces one threat, and one threat only: Loyal Americans who abandon Trump.

Loyal Trump supporter.
Trump wasn’t elected to be LIKED. He was elected to LEAD. And sometimes leading is ugly. Bashing liberals and AntiFa thugs, tearing up the deep state, unmasking unpatriotic “leaders” in the FBI and CIA, and fighting politicians who want to “destroy” America is not pretty. But is necessary.

And Trump has the guts to do it. But only as long as he has your continued support!!!

A special place for Trump defectors.
But some “patriots” are abandoning Trump, and America. And that is a far greater threat than anything else this country is facing. And there is only ONE solution: build a special place for Trump defectors.

So if any of your “friends” appear to be waning in their support of Trump. let us know and we’ll swing by and “remove” the problem.