How To Get Laid

For insecure men, power provides few better perks than access to sex.

For some of these men, power itself is a form of sexual satisfaction. For others, it is a way to deal with the repeated rejection of their sexual advances. And for the rest, it it is simply a form of assault.

Let’s take a look at how people in Trump’s sphere can use their position to get laid, and learn how it can help you.

When it comes to getting laid, Trump is at the top. Between “grabbing pussy”, making degrading comments about women, and the myriad of accusations of sexual assault, Trump demonstrates that sex and misogyny can be one in the same.

A common theme among white nationalists is their hatred of women. I mean, lets face it, relationships are hard. Hate is easy. So why spend the time and effort trying to build a healthy sexual relationship with someone when you can just hate your way into some kind of sexual satisfaction.

Stephen MillerStephen Miller is the poster child of what happens to men when they can’t develop healthy sexual relationships: They become pathologically evil. Lucky for Stephen Miller, he became this way just at the time that Trumpsters were looking for someone who could be cruel.

Mike PenceFor some men a perk of having power is not getting laid, but finding ways to stay in the closet. If Mike Pence were not VP, who knows what kind of suicidal behavior he would be acting out as he balances his efforts to portray himself as a good conservative Christian while screaming for the affections of a man.

I mean, gross, what woman or man in their right mind would want to do it with this man. He is disgusting inside and out. He leverages his way to positions of power and wealth, milks it as long as he can until people get sick of him and throw him out, and then he repeats the process. One wonders if he does the same for sex.