Investigate Clinton!!

You know Clinton is guilty!!! You know that the Benghazi incident must be investigated again, and again, and again!!!!

Open your wallets to put her in jail!!!
Only by initiating another investigation of Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi disaster will we have a chance to convict this awful person!!!

But we need YOUR HELP!!! Please donate* generously to help!!!

  • $100 – You’ll be saying “Damn right, we need to do this!!!
  • $50 – This is a good idea, and I support it.
  • $25 – Yeah, I can support this.
  • Under $25 .. wait .. are you really such a cheap bastard you can’t afford at least $25?

* And just how will my donation be spent? At #ownyourabsurdity, we promise to put your hard earned money to good use.

Details forthcoming!!!