Lead By Your Belly!!!

Let #ownyourabsurdity help “lead” by heft.

Don’t be deceived, the key to real power is to be obese!!!

Sure, there is a strong connection between obesity, mental health, depression, and anxiety. But so what?? Trump followers admire Trump because he is FAT!!!

Pursue your ambition!!
And now #ownyourabsurdity is offering you an opportunity to follow in Trump’s example.

For a mere $300, we will provide you the perfect kit to help you “emulate” Trump:

  • A size 46 belt – if it is too big, you will know what size to grow into.
  • A recommended diet based on the a McDonald’s menu, with the “calories” conveniently crossed out.
  • A glucose meter with the batteries removed and 106 mg/dl painted on the front.
  • A 200 KG weight scale with “KG” replaced by “LBS”.
  • At only $300, this kit is well worth the price./

    The perfect gift for serious Trump supporters. Details coming soon!!!