Roger Williams: Moron

Roger Wiliams
The idiot Roger Williams.
Are you lucky enough to live in the TX 25th Congressional District? Then you are lucky enough to be represented in Washington by a complete idiot: Roger Williams.

Roger Williams most favorite question is “Are you a capitalist or a socialist?“.

As a member of the Financial Services Committee, Williams has made a habit of asking this question of every witness who appears before the committee. It is kind of his shtick.

And what purpose does the question serve? Mainly to demonstrate that Roger Williams is a moron.

And why would the question “Are you a capitalist or a socialist” make Williams a moron? Because it is nothing but a shallow way of trying to make himself sound relevant while contributing nothing to his duties as a legislator.

Let’s face it, “Are you a capitalist or a socialist?” is only a question for and by stupid people. And the only reason Roger Williams gets away with asking it is because witnesses appearing in front of his committee must answer his question, and are prohibited from saying things like “Roger Williams, you are nothing but a fucking worthless waste of sperm”.

But lucky for those of us who are not witnesses testifying before the Financial Services Committee, we are under no obligation to answer Roger William’s stupid, moronic question. Instead we are free to tell Roger Williams more meaningful things, like “Hey, Roger Williams, you are a jerk; or “moron”, or “asshole”; or “shithead” ..