Secret to Trump’s G7 Success!!!

Trump Turns G-7 Upside Down, Alienating Oldest Allies“, “Trump Refuses to Sign G-7 Statement and Calls Trudeau ‘Weak’“. How does Trump do it? What is the source of Trump’s strength and resolve???

Just where does Trump’s resolve come from?
Whether you admire Trump’s strength, resolve, and ability to kick the other G7 leaders in the proverbial nutters, or are afraid that Trump’s is undermining America’s credibility and ability to accomplish the very leadership role Trump claims to want to achieve, you have to be impressed with his guts and decisiveness. And you are probably wondering where this guts and decisiveness comes from and how you can get some for yourself.

Well Own Your Absurdity Press has the answer: John Bolton’s mustache!!!

That’s right. John Bolton’s mustache is more than just face hair. It is a special apparatus that that serves multiple purposes:

Understand his mustache and you’ll understand Bolton!!!
– It contains all his brain cells in one easy to comb location.
– It serves as special receptors for signals from his handlers at the Kremlin.
– And let’s face it, it makes him look manly and super cool.

After watching Trump at the G7 conference, don’t you want to have the influence of Bolton’s mustache?? Well stay tuned. Pretty soon Own Your Absurdity Press will see you a specially packaged version of Bolton’s mustache!!!