Take A Bullet For Gun Rights!!!

Nothing impresses the likes of Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick more than when an active shooter is killed by an armed citizen.

Check out Dan Patrick’s tweet about the shooting at West Freeway Church of Christ. It reveals a simple assumption: conceal carry will keep innocent people safe because an active shooter will only have time to kill a couple of them before an armed citizen kills the active shooter.

And now YOU TOO can do your part to help make an armed citizen a hero by simply volunteering to be a Designated Shooting Victim (DSV).

Designated shooting victim
Your friends and family will be proud.

Your responsibilities will be simple: position yourself so that you will be the most obvious target when a nut job with a gun walks into your church, community center, or even your house intending on shooting people.

Think of the respect and adoration you will earn when you volunteer to lay down your life so that nut jobs can have access to guns.

And think of all the innocent lives you will save by giving armed members of the security team the few seconds they need to respond while the active shooter is killing you and not someone else.

And, most importantly, you’ll be sticking it to those “.. Democrats & the radical left” socialists who think that preventing a nut job from having a gun in the first place is somehow a worthy goal.