Stephen Miller

Advice from Stephen!!!

Stephen Miller, Muslim hater, senior adviser to Trump.
Why did your son get a ‘B’ in Algebra??? Stephen Miller knows.

Muslims are a huge threat to America. They are taking our jobs, breathing our air, buying houses in our neighborhood, and laying claim to our God.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they are threatening your son’s future!!!

That’s right .. that Muslim “immigrant” in your son’s math class has been acing all his math exams, completely destroying the grading curve.

His Muslim parents will say that their son works hard, is focused on getting a good education, and his parents do what they can to help him do well.

If your son is not getting “A”s in school, it is because of a Muslim conspiracy!!!
Don’t buy it. This kid probably has some inside track with the teacher, perhaps threatening the teacher if she does not give him the highest grade. He and his parents are probably part of an ISIS sleeper cell on a mission to humiliate real Americans like you and your son.

Sure, your son may not be the smartest kid in his class. But he is not a Muslim. And if there were no Muslims in his class, then he would be acing all his exams.

Did you know that “algebra” was invented by Muslims? See .. this is not a new conspiracy. And now you can see how that conspiracy is working to destroy your life!!!

So stand with with Stephen Miller as he helps drive Muslims out of America and allow sons like yours to shine.