Confirm your sex at birth

The so called “Bathroom Bills” being pushed by Republicans in the Texas Senate is your path to wealth.

These bills will require that people use the bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. But how many people even know where their birth certificates are, let alone carry them with them?

Officials won’t question..
Have we got an opportunity for you. We will be working with the Lt Governor’s office to sell certificates that “verify” your sex at birth.

Once we set the program up, we’ll be looking for entrepreneurs who can buy franchises to sell these certificates. The value of a certificate is tremendous, especially for kids at school or “adults” at state offices. We estimate that each certification could be sold for $300, much less than the cost of having to find your original birth certificate, let alone carrying it around with you.

Trump loyalty enforcement squad.
Protect yourself from “bathroom bill enforcement” gangs.
Just think, people who purchase these certificates for themselves or their loved ones won’t need to worry about armed gangs who interrogate them about their true “sexual identify”. Let’s face it, it won’t be long before enforcement gangs require everyone to pull down their pants or lift their skirts, and then provide documentation proving the genitalia being fondled matches the sex on their birth certificate.

Franchises will be limited, and will start at a reasonable $100,000 . So don’t hesitate. Stay tuned for more details.