Donna Campbell – Talented Master Of Hate.

If you want to really master the art of hate, Texas State Senator Donna Campbell is one of the haters to follow. In 2015 Donna Campbell accused the UN of a conspiracy to take over the The Alamo by making it a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Donna Campbell
Follow Texas Senator Donna Campbell to learn first hand the art of hate.

In the end, the Texas General Land Office was forced to explain to Mrs. Campbell and the rest of the Texas Senate that that being designated a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site does not mean the UN is taking over the Alamo.

For those of us who seek to learn the art of hate, the fact that Mrs. Campbell was wrong about The Alamo and UNESCO is completely irrelevant. In fact, being wrong about the facts is a great skill for you, as a hater, to hone and develop. You’re role is not to promote and adhere to facts. Your role is to nurture and manipulate the rage in others for your own self promotion. And with the UNESCO incident, Mrs. Campbell showed how skilled and adept she was at this. Likely no one who is paranoid about a UN take over of The Alamo (or anything else for that matter) gives a rat’s ass that their paranoia is completely ludicrous. A “responsible” legislator would not by into this paranoia. But “responsible” legislators make for bad haters. If you want to be a good hater, then follow the example of Donna Campbell.