Roger Williams – Art Of Hate Master.

Roger Wiliams
A master at lying and hating.
US Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25) demonstrates the true art of lying and hating. Check out his letter to a constituent who was concerned about the repeal of Obamacare. Follow his example and you too can master The Art Of Hate and The Art Of The Lie.

Check out the great way he applies his skills of lying and hating.

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for taking time to communicate your thoughts about the repeal of Obamacare. I am extremely concerned with the problems facing our healthcare system (Actually his only concern is that it might work, so he helped make sure it didn’t.), and I appreciate having the opportunity to respond and provide an update.

As a small business owner (He owns a car dealership that his daddy gave him.), I know from experience that limited government, individual responsibility, and free enterprise are best for lowering costs (Assumes that only small business owners understand this.). Unfortunately, under Obamacare, patient costs have skyrocketed, out of pocket costs are out of control, and consumers have less choice than ever before. (Largely due to the efforts of Roger Williams and other Republicans to make the ACA fail.) Simply stated, putting the federal government at the center of our health care system harms patients, families, providers, and businesses. (Making the government “the enemy” is always effective way to stoke rage.) As with many federal regulations, Obamacare’s (Never refer to it at the ACA.) one-size-fits all approach has failed to deliver innovative, market-based solutions. (Always assume you are the only one who believes in the free market.)

When I was first elected to Congress, I promised my constituency I would do everything in my power to repeal this disastrous (Always demonize.) law; (The commitment from the get go was to kill the law, not work towards an effective solution to America’s healthcare crisis.) with the passage of S. Con. Res. 3, we are one step closer to that goal. In the coming weeks and months ahead, Congress will be tasked with modernizing American health care with patient-centered solutions that improve access, choice, and quality, while strengthening the safety net for the most vulnerable. (Like the original goals of the ACA that Republicans refused to support.)

In any new system created to replace Obamacare, we must listen to what the American people want. (Assumes the American people were ignored.) Please know I am committed to protecting the quality of care for all patients, including those with pre-existing conditions, and preserving Medicare for seniors. (Even though by opposing the ACA, he was against all these things.) After nearly seven long years, Americans will finally be back in charge of their healthcare. (…”back in charge”? Howe about just saying “in charge”.)

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue. As your Congressman, I’ve fought for lower taxes, less government, and less spending. I’ve fought for small business owners and families who want to realize the American dream. (A clever way of saying he objects to everything and had no interest in constructive governance.) I am excited about the opportunities and direction our nation is headed. (Translation: he won’t do anything for his constituents.) Please be sure to sign up for my email newsletter ( to keep informed on what I am doing on behalf of Texans here in Washington. It is an honor and privilege to represent the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District.


Roger Williams
Member of Congress