NRA Power!!!

The power of the NRA is not guns. It’s hate.

And the power of hate comes from using the absurd to stoke fear and rage.

And now, with the help of #ownyourabsurdity, you too can learn from the NRA to hone your skills in hate for your own benefit.

Wayne LaPierre .. master of hate.
We’ll be following the example of Wayne LaPiere, NRA Executive Vice President:and

“These are the most tenuous times for Second Amendment freedom in our nation’s history. With attendance expected to set an all-time record, you and your fellow Co-Chairs will help inspire tens of thousands of patriots to stand and fight for freedom every day.” .. NRA Co-Chair message.

The power of Wayne LaPierre’s message is in its absurdity: there is no such thing as “second amendment freedom”, only the second amendment. And defending the second amendment is not the same as defending freedom. And just being an NRA member does not make you a patriot.

Use fear to control others.
But there is such thing as fear. And implying that you are a patriot whose freedom is under siege is a great way to stoke fear and rage.

You can’t do that with logical arguments about the right to bear arms.

But you can do it with absurd arguments that your freedom is threatened.

So lets all jump on the band wagon and apply the power of the NRA to our own lives.