The art of nonsense

The Power Of Nonsense.

Masters of the Art Of The Lie know how to embrace the power of nonsense.

Art Of The Lie
Nonsense is a powerful tool for effective liars.
“Economic Nationalism” is a new buzz phrase in town. It was coined by Trump’s senior advisor Steve Bannon to describe policies that would address the needs of white, working class voters who had felt disenfranchised by both the Democrats and the GOP and, as a result, were not voting. “Economic Nationalism” assumes a conspiracy like agenda of Washington policy makers and wall street tycoons to deliberately shut white, working class Americans from the fruits of economic growth … by shipping jobs to China and Mexico, allowing immigrants to flood the US to take any remaining jobs and leach off of our welfare system, and forcing expensive social policy initiatives, such as Obamacare, down everyone’s throat. The fix? Simply reverse these policies: punish companies the ship jobs overseas; deport immigrants and build a wall so they can’t come back; and repeal Obamacare.

And, hot dang, what do you know .. the rhetoric of economic nationalism is exactly what it took to get Trump elected.

Nonsense is more fun when have a scapegoat.
The best thing about “Economic Nationalism” is that it shows the power of nonsense. Nonsense is when you point to a problem but refuse to find the right solution. We have all seen it before .. in our homes, at our businesses, and in government. Freaking out about a broken dishwasher in no way fixes it. Yelling about an inefficient business process does not make it more efficient. Blaming China for taking jobs does nothing to bring those jobs back. In fact, as we have already seen with attempt to repeal Obamacare, nonsense makes for lousy, real world policy. But who cares? The only ones who will suffer are the ones who voted for you. Their role is done. They can now be discarded.

This is why learning the power of nonsense is so important to learning “The Art Of The Lie”. With nonsense as part of your toolkit, you can enhance all of your lying skills: making lying fun and enjoyable; figuring out who to lie to and how to lie to them; making sure you are the main beneficiary of your lies; and so on. So embrace Steve Bannon and his power of nonsense, and you too can find your path to wealth and success through lying.

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