Trump Cookbook

Order yours when it becomes available!!!
Don’t be fooled by the fake news, liberal controlled media. Food will never be in short supply. Trump will make sure of that .. with a series of nutritious recipes that will keep you and your family happy and healthy!!!

The failing New York Times and other liberal publications are fabricating stories about starvation in America due to the Coronavirus. As schools close and hard working Americans become unemployed, they want you to think that some Americans are on the verge of experiencing “food anxiety”.

DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THESE STORIES. Thanks to Trump and MAGA, America will ALWAYS have enough food!!!

Trump has partnered with KJU to make sure you’ll always have food.
Unlike his predecessors, Trump had the insights to create a strategic partnership with North Korea early in his administration. Why? Because the leadership of North Korea ensured the people of North Korea would never go hungry!!!

So while “deep state” eggheads claim Americans are “undernourished”, you’ll be laughing along with Trump as you enjoy one of these great recipes:

MAGA meal – this will be a future staple: boiled fresh cut grass with some dirt for texture. Worms and bugs provide even more nutrition. Yummy!!!

If MAGA makes you homeless, make sure to invest in a classic Trump Cart!!!
Big Mac snacks – you know how Trump thrives on fast food burgers and fries. Just because you can’t afford them doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Those burger packages and boxes always have leftover crumbs and bits of meat and juices. So when you are near a fast food joint, go through the garbage and grab whatever you can. Then, as you are preparing your MAGA meal, let steam off the boiling water gently wash the crumbs off the wrappers and boxes so htey can drop in with the grass.

Republican Road Kill meals – that’s right .. you always heard sick stories about people eating road kill. That was just the liberal media convincing you that eating road kill was disgusting. We’ll, that was just to keep road kill cuisine a treat for the liberal establishment. But now you too will be able to enjoy road kill delicatessens with a series of great recipes.

And they’ll be many more great recipes and some beauty tips and health advice, such as:
Ivanka Trump’s glossy hair treatment: make your hair long and shiny with a special mix of road tar and gasoline;
and “Triggered two” – how to avoid bad diarrhea and other gastric issues – by Donald Trump Jr. Remember .. with Covid-19, you’ll want to avoid the emergency room!!!

More details coming soon.