Trust Trump!!!

Don’t trust IN Trump. The easiest and simplest way to support Trump is also the most effective: simply TRUST TRUMP!!!

Don’t compromise on your support of Trump by just trusting IN Trump. Trusting IN something implies and agreement: Evangelicals trust IN Jesus because there is a clear agreement that if they do A,B, and C, they will get place in heaven.

Americans trust IN the Fed because they expect to get a stable monetary policy and managed inflation in return.

You put your trust IN scientific creationism because you expect to be insulated from evil, liberal, secular humanists in return.

Let everyone know you support MAGA.
Trump should mean more to you than simply a pathway to something else. Take MAGA. You would drive yourself crazy if you tried to understand what MAGA means or intends to deliver. Don’t sweat it. Just Trust Trump and you’ll be fine.

Crowded emergency room
Enjoy the emergency room in comfort!!!
When you find yourself waiting hours on end in the emergency room because Trump refused to improve Obamacare and instead never delivered on his promise to replace it with something “beautiful”, don’t disparage. Just tell yourself over and over “Trust Trump”.

At #ownyourabsurdity, we’ll show you the way.
Yes, at #ownyourabsurdity, we are committed to showing you the ways that you can show your support of Trump without being concerned of trivial things, such as the negative impact on you. So stick with us!!!