Mueller Hearings!!!

First appointed as a US Attorney by President Ronald Reagan, Mueller served under Republican and Democratic presidents.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been described as a “true American Patriot”. He is a highly-decorated former Marine who served in Vietnam, is the former head of the DOJ’s criminal division, and the second-longest serving FBI director in history. He is known for his professionalism and integrity, and surrounds himself with people of the same caliber regardless of their political persuasion.

Problem: Mueller’s report does not praise Trump.
Well La De Da!!! So Mueller is professional, respected, honest, and overall great guy. But his report does not honor and praise Trump. And that is a problem for those in the party of Trump.

Now you too can see how POTUS and others attempt to defend Trump from Mueller through unjustified ridicule, badmouthing, degrading, humiliating, and otherwise acting like complete juveniles.