The Art Of Stupid

When “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” becomes just plain “Stupid”.

Surrounding yourself with stupid also counts as being stupid.
A great example of “The Art Of Stupid” was Trump’s “professorial” presentation of the track of hurricane Dorian, and his claim that Alabama was a potential target.

Trump’s presentation was “stupid” on so many levels:
– He did not consult a meteorologist;
– He surrounded himself with advisors who did not consult meteorologists;
– The map has a warning not to use if it does not comply with other meteorological sources;
– Hurricanes that hit Alabama come through the Gulf of Mexico, not through the Atlantic ocean.

And Trump’s “pièce de résistance” in being stupid: once he was called out, he bad mouthed his critics and defended himself .. over and over and over …

Acting stupid is a Great Way to show your support of Trump.

And now YOU TOO can hone your skills in the Art of Stupid by simply reviewing and analyzing Trump’s Tweets: